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Increase your profit margins by MAXIMIZING your kitchen space!

Alex Canter from Ordermark and Jenn Hier from Nextbite discuss the biggest opportunity in the restaurant industry today: Virtual Kitchens!

We’re sharing what we’ve learned working with hundreds of Virtual Kitchens nationwide, and answering your top questions, such as:

  • What is a Virtual Kitchen and how profitable are they?
  • Why should I consider opening a Virtual Kitchen?
  • How do customers find my restaurant if it’s only online?

Are you a restaurant operator with extra capacity in your kitchen? Virtual Kitchens take orders through online apps and prepare food exclusively for delivery to convenience-hungry, off-premise diners. The best part, they require:

  • No additional space
  • No additional rent
  • No additional staff
  • No drama!
Join us on October 21st at 10:30AM PST for Part 2 with a live Q&A with Alex and Jenn!

Unlock the secrets to a successful Virtual Kitchen. Watch Part 1 now!

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Using your existing kitchen space, with equipment and ingredients you already have, you can easily add a virtual restaurant. Nextbite makes it simple to find your next mouth-watering concept.
Discover your next Virtual Concept with Nextbite Brands

Simplify online ordering and grow your revenue!

Macy Walp

Macy Walp

SoCal native and self-proclaimed “foodie”, Macy educates Ordermarks customers on the emerging new shift of online ordering. Her restaurant experience and background in marketing and social media management allow her to keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and guide restaurants towards a successful online ordering business.