How long have you been with Ordermark?

Since October 2017

What do you do here?

I’m on the Client Onboarding side, so I help restaurants get all the things they need to get the Ordermark system set up in-store and make that as easy as possible.

What is your favorite way to help our restaurants?

My favorite way to help customers is to help them keep up with the online ordering landscape. From anything like new online ordering services that pop up, or promotions that the third-party platforms are running, the landscape is changing every single week, so I love helping them stay on top of everything.

Do you order in and what do you order?

I love to cook, but there are definitely nights I’m busy and I do use the online ordering services. My favorite thing to order is donuts on a Saturday morning, straight to my bed.

What is your 2019 goal at Ordermark?

My goal is to help make restaurants aware that online ordering is something in the industry that is here to stay and, more so, going forward is going to be crucial to growing their business.

When he’s not simplifying online ordering for restaurants, Erik is hunting for the newest brewery or restaurant, going to concerts and music festivals, or traveling across the globe (his goal is to go to all 7 continents).

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Macy Walp

Macy Walp

SoCal native and self-proclaimed “foodie”, Macy educates Ordermarks customers on the emerging new shift of online ordering. Her restaurant experience and background in marketing and social media management allow her to keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and guide restaurants towards a successful online ordering business.