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Ordermark Delivers More Ordering Options for Clients with JoyUp Social Media Ordering and Delivery Services Integration.


Ordermark is excited to expand its ordering options with Joyup. The newly established partnership brings together market leading capabilities of both companies to better serve restaurants.

Joyup is a white-label SaaS product that provides an end-to-end solution for restaurants. With its unique value prop, JoyUp empowers restaurants to effectively market, take orders and accept payments on social media through Joy, the JoyUp chatbot. Their customers can order, pay, track and get food delivered – all on their favorite platform.

With this partnership, partner restaurants can now accept mobile delivery orders from customers who use Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, along with orders from third-party food delivery services.

Our mission is to help restaurants adapt to changing consumer behaviors. Partnering with innovators like JoyUp ensures that our restaurant customers get access to better ways to reach more potential customers.

“Our mission is to help restaurants adapt to changing consumer behaviors,” said Alex Canter, CEO and Cofounder of Ordermark. “Partnering with innovators like JoyUp ensures that our restaurant customers get access to better ways to reach more potential customers.”

JoyUp’s technology is a non-intrusive order processing system that simply connects the restaurant and the customer via social media. With a few button taps, customers are able to order and pay for food online instead of having to go through third party apps. JoyUp orders also come with an integrated delivery solution.

“Enabling social media ordering can be a game-changer for restaurant owners. With customers spending more and more time on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, restaurants can tap into their customer loyalty to turn “likes” into sales. And their customers can order, pay, and get food delivered seamlessly on Facebook. A win-win for both customers and restaurants!” says Anurag, Head of Sales at JoyUp.

This partnership is an important milestone for the growth strategy of both companies. It guarantees greater speed, simplicity, and flexibility for both restaurants and their customers.

About JoyUp

JoyUp ( converts social media audiences into in-store restaurant orders. By integrating instant POS systems in messaging apps and offering $0 commission delivery, Joyup accelerates orders from social media, effective in order completion rates and shortens the buyer journey from a passive audience into active, loyal customers. Joyup works behind the scenes to help restaurants build and nurture customer relationships, manage their customer data, and turbocharge sales.

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About Ordermark

Ordermark ( is the leading and one of the fastest-growing restaurant technology service providers in the mobile technology space. Ordermark helps restaurants and virtual kitchens increase efficiency and grow profits by aggregating mobile orders across all of the major online ordering service providers into a single dashboard and printer.

Born in the kitchen of the world-famous Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles by a fourth-generation restaurateur, Ordermark was built, tested, and refined from the perspective of a restaurant operator. Ordermark’s thousands of customers include small, single-location restaurants and many of the world’s top restaurant chains including Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John’s, Popeyes, Which Wich, and Yogurtland. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Denver.


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Alex Canter

Alex is a restaurant industry innovator, in-demand speaker, and passionate advocate for restaurant operators and workers. He was raised in the kitchen of the world-famous Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles, where he invented Ordermark. A fourth-generation restaurateur, the restaurant business has been in Alex’s blood for over 85 years. In addition to being the visionary and leader of Ordermark, Alex is active with the Techstars network and enjoys mentoring other restaurant technology entrepreneurs. A 2019 recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30, Alex has previously led several technology ventures.