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Hard Rock Cafe offers unforgettable experiences that keep you coming back for more. It’s difficult to pinpoint just one factor that has led to Hard Rock’s global success. It could be the rock and roll memorabilia, the music, or the strong sense of community you feel whenever you visit a Hard Rock location anywhere in the world. 

At Ordermark by UrbanPiper, we had a unique perspective to understand the challenges faced by an establishment like Hard Rock Cafe and tailor a solution to support their needs.

“We had to pivot to online delivery, something we had never planned for,” says Darlene Maher, Director of Cafe Training North America at Hard Rock International. Darlene has been with Hard Rock for over 22 years, working across many roles, ensuring every location offers an unparalleled experience.

When the pandemic hit, the biggest challenge for Hard Rock Cafe was clear: for the business to stay afloat, they needed to embrace online delivery. “It was the only opportunity for us to get business,” Darlene added.

The Challenge

It was a busy Friday night. The restaurant was packed, live music thumping through the room, and the smell of classic Hard Rock burgers floating through the air. In the midst of this, a new delivery order tablet beeped continuously behind the bar, almost drowned out by the music. “We had to put speakers on the tablet just to hear it over the music,” recalls Darlene, highlighting the chaos of managing in-person guests and online orders at the same time.

Transitioning to online delivery was never a part of Hard Rock’s original business plan. As Darlene explains, “We are experiential; it’s hard to get that in a takeaway environment because you miss the human interaction, the music, the memorabilia.” But the pandemic left no choice but to adapt quickly.

Managing multiple delivery platforms meant juggling multiple tablets, each demanding constant attention. “We needed to have those tablets in a place where a team member could quickly confirm the order, but it was disruptive,” says Darlene. 

The Turning Point

Hard Rock Cafe realized the inefficiencies caused by managing multiple tablets from multiple delivery platforms were unsustainable. “What we learned was different platforms are more successful than others in different locations. We didn’t want four tablets sitting behind our bars,” says Darlene. 

With staff stretched thin, it became evident that a centralized solution was necessary. When a sudden change in plans required Darlene to manually update menus across all locations. “I had to go through and do every single menu change, description, photo, and pricing for 25 locations myself. I never want to do that again,” she recalls. 

Implementation and Solution

Enter Ordermark by UrbanPiper. The solution offered a unified platform to manage all delivery services, eliminating the chaos of multiple tablets. “Ordermark’s support was crucial in navigating the complex transition,” Darlene notes. “They were very helpful and patient. The fact that we were able to get one platform that auto-confirmed orders was huge for us.”

Darlene also emphasized, “Before Ordermark, coordinating our delivery operations was a logistical nightmare. Their system transformed our process, making it much more manageable and efficient.”

With Ordermark, Hard Rock was able to simplify its order management process significantly. “The platform’s ability to auto-confirm orders and consolidate multiple delivery services into one system has truly streamlined our operations,” Darlene says. “This efficiency was crucial, especially as the cafes began reopening and resources were stretched thin.”

Results and Impact

The impact of implementing Ordermark was immediate. Operational execution improved, with fewer canceled and missing orders, achieving a less than 2% order cancellation rate.  The system’s efficiency freed up staff to focus on delivering the exceptional in-cafe experience that Hard Rock is known for.

When asked about the staff’s experience with the product, Darlene shared that it has been very user-friendly with no complaints. “In my busy world, no news is good news,” she says. “Combining our delivery platforms made our operations more efficient while still upholding Hard Rock’s high standards, even for takeout.”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Hard Rock International plans to dive deeper into optimizing its delivery and catering services. With new menu updates and a focus on more integrations, the partnership with Ordermark by UrbanPiper continues to evolve.

Darlene is optimistic: “We have a lot of opportunities to grow not just delivery but also other avenues. It’s exciting to think about what we can achieve together in the future.”


The partnership between Ordermark by UrbanPiper and Hard Rock Cafe stands out because of the unique alignment in our values. At Ordermark, we prioritize building fulfilling relationships with our customers, and Hard Rock Cafe does the same for theirs. 

This shared commitment allowed us to connect on a deeper level and work together effortlessly. We’re excited to see where this journey takes us next. 

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